Florida Jets

March 21-24 2018

    Florida Jets is one of the most exciting R/C Aviation events on the planet.  FJ features the epitome  of technology in air frame construction and power plant, and has the highest level of pilot proficiency of any radio control model aviation discipline.   The overall performance and speed of R/C Jets is exceptional.  Many of today’s R/C Jets approach ten feet in length, while some are even larger.   R/C Jets, like most technology, have evolved from much less complicated and less dependable models, to state of the art composite aircraft, turbine power plants and an EDF (Electric Ducted Fan) for power.

    FJ is not a competition in the truest sense of the word.  FJ is a fly-In, or Jet-Together, as some like to call it.  There is continuous flying all day.  R/C pilots from around the globe come to visit Lakeland, Florida each spring to fly, and see what the latest in model aviation technology has to offer.  Although not a competition, Florida Jet’s Sponsors do hand out several awards for excellence, and the pilots truly revere these awards each year.

The Half Time Air Show presented on Saturday will include some of the finest, most unusual “acts” you may ever see. There will be several Aerobatic Demonstrations from world renowned pilots flying models that are half the size of the real aircraft.  

There is parking available for Motor Homes. The fee for parking overnight-camping is $20 per night; dry, no hookups. All contestants and guests are obligated to pay the fee. We have more than enough spaces. When you arrive call the phone number posted at the gate entrance.

Need supplies? Interested in a new hobby?
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More to come for 2018!