Debonding Agent for All Super Glues
Softens cured glue so it can be easily
 removed from fingers & other surfaces.
 Always test first!

PT-16 1oz.

Reg. Price $4.59 Sale Price $3.67

After Run(tm)

Engine cleaner and and Corrosion Inhibitor
One dose absolutely prohibits corrosion from forming on the bearings. on the bearings. Lasts for months. ideal for coating metal pushrods before insertion into nylon or plastic sleeves.

PT- 31 1oz.

Reg. Price $5.69 Sale Price $4.55

Rail Zip(tm)

Track Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor
 A high-tech concentrated formula, cleans &  restores electrical conductivity. Eliminates  "sparking"

PT- 23 1oz.

Reg. Price $5.69 Sale Price $4.55


Extender Tips
Allow smaller drops of glue to be placed in  hard-to-reach areas. Ten tips & a 12" length  of microdropper tubing

PT- 18

Reg. Price $4.19 Sale Price $3.35


Smaller Drops
Precision Application
Extension Into Hard-to-Reach Areas
Maximum Use Of Bottle
24 Tips Per Bag
Fits Most Brand's CA Bottles


Reg. Price $4.59 Sale Price $3.67

Zap Goo(tm)

All-Purpose Adhesive & Sealant
Not a super glue! Bonds virtually anything to  anything. Gooey, strong, yet flexible formula.  Bonds may be cut with a razor knife. Perfect  for around the home fix-it, mend-it and  stick-it jobs. Works where others won't!

PT- 12 1oz.

Reg. Price $3.99 Sale Price $3.19

Formula 560 Canopy Glue

The world's best canopy adhesive.  Works on all materials and dries clear.

PT- 56 2oz.

Reg. Price $3.99 Sale Price $3.19

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